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About I&S Brand

Introducing the Dwinguler Kid's Playmat
We are pleased to announce that the Dwinguler Playmat,
Korea's best-selling children's playmat, is now available worldwide.

Dwinguler Brand Story

"Dwinguler" is a Korean word that means "rolling".
In the logo, ther 'W' which symbolizes a mother and child together on a mat.
The colours are blue and pink which emphasizes the innocence of children and the love of a mother.
The letter 'L' symbolized by a silver spoon to indicate the bountiful wealth
and a comfortable space where children of the world can grow healthy and rich.

BABY CARE Brand Story

BABY CARE play mat is the leading brand of baby play mat.
Babycare Mat is a baby playmat brand which is
made in Korea and sold to over 20 Countries such as China, USA, Asia and so on.
Currently it is sold in COSTCO North America, Canada, Taiwan and also big online and
offline chain stores such as BBB it is also proved its quality and has
become a top 10 seller in the baby product category in many large chain stores.
BABYCARE Mat a best selling brand sold in USA.
It is also No 1 selling playmat in Amazon USA.

Soft Modern Rug Brand Story

The soft Modern Rug is the leading brand of a multi-purpose mat.
The soft Modern Rug was created for any living space in your home and
is reversidble, waterproof and easy to clean.

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