The Dwinguler Kid' Playmat is harmless to both your children and the environment.
- The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat protects children from hard impacts when falling onto the floor.
- The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat has letters and numbers for children to familiarize themselves with.
- Also, the vivid colors used to create the friendly characters will help to develop your children¨s awareness and emotions.
- The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat will absorb noise from your children¨s footsteps, and block cold temperatures from the floor.


- Origin : Made in Korea
- Size: Large(L x W x T)90.5"x55.1"x0.59"
- Medium (L x W x T)74.8"x51.2"x0.59"
- Usage : To prevent slip and fall accidents while providing a fun and educational play area.
- Place : Kids room, Living room, Kindergarten & Nursery school.

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